Nikita is representing Bobbi’s Pole Studio! Nikita is a fully trained ballerina and dance teacher. She has been pole dancing for 4 yrs, danced in the MPDA 2014 opening number and this year became an instructor at Bobbi’s Pole Studio...(and you can say she’s MPD NSW 2015 winner too)



Gracie is known for her technique, performance and intention as a pole dancer and is the 2012 Australian Pole Fitness champion (winner), current Professional Victorian Pole Champion (winner), current 1st runner up Miss Pole Dance Victoria, current 1st runner up Miss Pole Dance Australia and current Miss Ink Victoria (winner). She has been a featured pole performer in the Californian International Pole Performer Showcase 2012 + 2013, Girl Next Door in Los Angeles and Australian Pole Championships professional finalist 2012 + 2013. Gracie is sponsored by X-Pole and Pole Physics and has had features in documentaries and magazines. Allowing her to become a well known and respected pole performer and instructor after only 3 years


Rosie Bui

Rosie is an instructor at Carlie Hunter’s Pole Studio, the Pole Boutique in Adelaide. She competes in both solos and doubles; placing first runner up at the Australian Pole Championships last year in the Group Division.

Rosie started pole dancing 4 years ago after a come and try class; since then it has changed her life and opened many challenges and opportunities in the coming years.



Maria is originally from Argentina and is now living in Brisbane. She has a background in gymnastics and Contemporary Dance and now instructs and performs pole.
She loves pole for the opportunity it brings to express herself through dance and movement.
Maria trains at and is an instructor at The Pole Gym Lawnton and also trains with Chelle Hafner and Travis Scott at Pure Pole. In 2013 she won her first professional title as Queensland Professional Pole Champion and Best Trickster at the 2013 Australian Pole Championships in Canberra.



Once upon a time, Jacinta was a gymnast, which accounts for her freakish flexibility. After retiring from gymnastics,she took up pole dancing to keep fit. She liked the aerial components of pole dancing, but also the fluidity and sensuality of dance.

"I see pole dancing as an art and a naughty form of expression."

Jacinta transitioned from avid student to effervescent teacher, and has been inspired by the progress of her own students over the last 7 years.

From teacher, to regular performer, 2013 saw her crowned


Felix Cane

Felix Cane is a world renowned pole dancing champion from Australia. She is celebrated for her technical and stunning dance performances, her flexibility and flawless sensuality.


Amber Ray

Amber Ray is one of Australia’s most popular pole dance instructors and performers, with over 6 years of pole teaching experience and over 10 years as a dance instructor. Since starting pole in 2006, Amber has taught students nationally and internationally. Her tours have taken her to Italy to instruct for Milan Pole Dance Studio (2010), U.K, Russia, France (2010), USA Pole Convention (2010, 2011, 2012) Summer Pole Camp St. Marten (2010) Singapore (2010) New Zealand (2011). Throughout all classes Amber pulls from her expansive dance experience when teaching pole to create a fun learning environment for her students, utilizing foundations of technique, strength, movement quality and fitness for all


Amy Hazel

Amy has been dancing from the age of 6 before picking up pole dancing at the age of 18 and she has never looked back! She loves all things fitness, health and nutrition, and loves to perform, compete and teach. Amy loves to work on back flexibility and has recently begun training in some doubles acrobatics.



Since taking up Pole Dancing 3 years ago, the constant challenge of strength and flexibility has kept Camille totally hooked. Her favourite part of competing is choreographing original routines and losing herself in the performance.


Carlie Hunter

Carlie is owner of The Pole Boutique and is the 2012 and 2011 Australian Pole Champion. She was crowned the 2014 PWN International Pole Artist of the Year as well as the 2012 IPDFA Choreographer of the year for her innovative character choreography. She has placed 1st in Doubles at MPDA as well as both 2nd and 3rd in the singles divison and is back for her 5th year to bring you her unique entertainment style. What will she do this year?



If you don’t know our next competitor you’ve been living under a’s Daisy! Daisy has been dancing and teaching for 10 years and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. She will be representing and is the owner of The Peach Pole Studio!



Emma is an instructor at Bobbi’s Pole Studio Perth; a job which she has relished for 6 years now. Emma always knew how amazing Pole Dancing was at keeping a fit mind, body, social life, shoe collection and passion for life - but after having a baby in 2012 and taking an 18 month break from dance, she returned more passionate than ever. Now pole and motherhood are what drive her. Emma is a 3 time 1st runner up in Miss Pole Dance WA. She is excited to have the opportunity to be on stage and perform again in Miss Pole Dance WA after a few years of being a spectator.


Katy Eve

Katy started Pole Dancing three years ago and instantly became addicted. She has been a student at Bobbi’s Pole Studio since moving to Perth two years ago. Known for her strong but sexy style she is excited to be performing in her first ever Miss Pole Dance Australia Final!!


Miss Filly

Hailing from Melbourne, Miss Filly began her pole career at Pole Divas and has been on the competitive circuit since 2010. Since then she has competed in a number of national pole dancing competitions around Australia most recently being crowned Miss Pole Dance Victoria as well as Doubles Champion 2014 and Pole and Aerial All Stars 1st Runner up 2014. Her passion for pole dance and her love of teaching has led her style to truly evolve and over time she has become one of Australia’s most unique and inspiring pole performers. 




Natty started pole dancing at Pole Princess 4 years ago and now you can’t keep her away. She started competing last year in Rising Stars and this year placed 2nd runner-up in the Victorian Pole Championships. Next came Miss Pole Dance VIC where Natty got 2nd runner-up and is looking forward to the opportunity to brush shoulders with the best of the best in Miss Pole Dance Australia


Stacey Minx

Stacey Minx, representing, discovered pole through working in the fitness industry 7 years ago. She is not only a fully qualified Personal Trainer but she has also just finished studying Remedial Massage Therapy. She is an instructor at Suzie Q Pole Studio in Parramatta since they opened. Stacey is dedicated to teaching and loves all of her students. She has won 5 National Championships and 2 Sport Aerobics National titles.


Rahnanine (Victoria Heats Doubles)

Miranda and Janine have joined forces to represent Pole Princess. After accomplishing motherhood together, they now set out to accoomplish great things in their shared love for pole.


Jade and Amy (Queensland Heats Doubles)

Jade and Amy have been doing doubles pole together since July 2013. Jade has a background in gymnastics and has been poling for 2years. Amy with a background in dance has now been poling for 4years. When they started training together they realised they could create something special by drawing on the other’s unique strength. The duo enjoys the challenges of working together as a pair and the training is never dull!


Bailey Day

Bailey Day has been pole dancing for 3 years and is a self trained independent dancer, who is known for her unique sexy style. She is the current 1st runner up at Miss Pole Dance Australia ACT and NSW. This will be her first time performing at MPDA Finals!


Kylie Vogue

Kylie Vogue’s love affair with dancing started when she was 3 years old doing ballet classes. She got into pole dancing in 2008 when she first moved to London and what started as a fun hobby turned into an obsession! Kylie Vogue was self taught for three years before taking her first pole lesson at a studio in Vancouver where she also taught briefly. Kylie started competing in Canada in 2012 and she’s ecstatic to be on stage competing here in Australia.


Jess and Connor (New South Wales Heats Doubles)

Jess and Connor have only been doubles partners for 1 1/2 years and enjoy the challenges and fun that doubles brings. Jess comes from a dance background and Connor comes from a gymnastics background. Together they are able to put together acro and dance dynamic pole routines. Connor and Jess won ACT miss pole last year and this year and are so excited to have won the NSW competition and go to Nationals

Past Winners

2014 - Cleo the Hurricane (VIC) & Jedda J Jordan (NSW)
2013 - Porsche (NSW)
2012 - Cleo (NSW)
2011 - Felix Cane (WA)
2010 - Allegra ( WA)
2008/9 - Felix Cane (WA)
2007 - Candice Leigh (NSW)
2006 - Felix Cane (WA)
2005 - Jamilla Deville (NSW)

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