Camille - MPDWA

Camille is an instructor at Bobbi’s Pole Studio Perth who loves to create and perform a show! She started pole dancing 3 and a half years ago after watching Felix Cane on youtube and after gaining experience in many dance styles such as jazz and hip hop she feels like pole dancing is the perfect combination of expression and athleticism. Camille will be completing her law degree next year and loves to balance the many hours of study with plenty of time creating new shows she is passionate about. 


Olivia Oates - MPDSA

Olivia Oates is an instructor at The Pole Boutique in Adelaide and has been pole dancing for 4 years. This year she placed first at SAPC and went on to win the Best Trickster award at The Australian Pole Championships, and also placed first in the MPDSA heats. She is sponsored by Indi Pole Wear and is an X Pole Australia Protégé. This is her first time on the Miss Pole Dance Australia stage and she is so excited to be competing!


Katy Eve - MPDACT

Katy Eve is the owner and instructor of The Brass Room in Canberra. She is known for her sexy and strong style with precision technique. A former gymnast she has been pole dancing for four years. Katy is the current Miss Pole Dance ACT. She also recently won Dance Filthy, making her the filthiest dancer in Australia. This will be Katy’s second year as finalist in Miss Pole Dance Australia.


Amy Hazel

Amy Hazel is currently Miss Pole Dance Victoria and Aerial All Stars Champion, Amy Hazel began pole dancing 5 years ago and was quick to build a name for herself as one of Australia’s bendiest tricksters. She loves to explore many different genres of dance as well as going to the gym and stretching.



Caroline has been pole dancing for almost 4 years now and is totally obsessed. This is her first time competing in Miss Pole Dance Australia finals (WOOHOO!) and she is completely honoured to make it to the stage to perform and compete alongside some of her pole idols. She promises not to throw any body parts onto the first row of the audience this time, but she will definitely entertain you!



2 time National Pole Champion and 2 time State Pole Champion Gracie Buntine is a true dancer and has been involved in the dance industry for over 10 years on numerous levels.

After gaining Diplomas in Dance Technique and Performance, Gracie travelled nationally and internationally as a dancer and choreographer.

Gracie is known for her technique, performance and intention as a pole dancer and her titles include: 2013/14 1st runner up in Miss Pole Dance Victoria, Miss Pole Dance Victoria Champion 2014/15, 2013/14 1st Runner Up Miss Pole Dance Australia, Miss Ink Victoria 2013, Aerial All Stars Champion 2014 and 1st Runner Up Aerial All Star 2015.




Lisa-Maree De Marco is one of Australia’s favourite up and coming pole dance athletes. With over 20 years dance experience and 3 years under her belt as a pole artist, Lisa-Maree has taken her art form from the nightclubs of London to the theatres of Portugal to the stages of the Caribbean sea.

Throughout her journey as a competitive pole athlete, Lisa-Maree has achieved various awards and recognition. Some of her career highlights include: 1st Runner Up NSW Australian Pole Championships 2014, 1st Runner Up Semi-Pro at Pole Candy 2015, 2nd Runner Up MPD NSW 2015

As an International showgirl, Lisa-Maree has performed with Princess Cruises, was a soloist at the Solverde Casino Portugal, Resident dancer at the Green Room UK and Cabaret Rouge London.

Lisa-Maree is a dedicated, passionate and incredibly talented performer. She is currently an instructor at Haus of Pole St Peters where her students and co-workers adore her.



Mischka has been pole dancing for 5 years at Pole Divas, and is completely hooked. This is her first time competing at MPDA, and she is excited and terrified at the same time to be playing with the big kids! Come cheer her on as she pops her MPDA cherry!! 



Coco is the owner of Love Pole, the current Miss Pole Dance NSW, and has been pole dancing for 4 years. She is so excited to perform at Miss Pole Dance Australia. It is a competition she loves to watch but never thought she’d actually be in it. Coco started dancing at Sefton Playhouse and is thrilled where pole dancing has taken her.


Mel Grace

Mel Grace is an instructor at Bobbis Pole Studio Perth and she holds the current WA Pole Championships Professional title. Mel discovered the world of pole dancing in 2009 and advancing from student to teacher was a dream come true, but after entering MPD for the first time this year, popping her Miss Pole Dance Australia cherry is beyond a dream! She is so excited to be here to share her passion for dance; and express her favourite elements of pole combining grace and strength to release her inner showgirl on stage!


Miss M

Miss M has been pole dancing for around 5 years now and teaching for 3 years. MPD QLD was her first time competing in Miss Pole Dance (ever!) so she is super excited to be at Nationals and sharing the stage with some of the people that have inspired her the most! She had also never done a competition in heels until this year and is now totally obsessed with them!



Yungie has been pole dancing for 6 years. As this is her first time in the finals, she is super excited and can’t wait to share her unique and sensual style!



This is Veronica’s 3rd year of being a competition poledancer. Over the past 3 years she has discovered not only does she love putting routines together and being creative but she loves performing. Competing opened up her world and now she also performs as an aerialist at various clubs and corporate gigs. She hopes to one day be a part of a big circus show like cirque du Soleil. 


Bam Bam

Tammy AKA BamBam began pole dancing 5 years ago after seeing the Pure Pole Angels on Australia’s Got Talent. With a background in jazz dance and a love of all this acrobatic, pole dancing provided a natural attraction. This is her first time competing at MPDA and she is slightly terrified and overwhelmed to be on stage with all her pole idols!



Over the past 7 years at Bobbi’s Pole Studio Perth Ruby has grown from student to teacher to competitor and fallen head over heels in love with pole dancing. Ruby is the director of Polekadot, a small Perth based business that specialises in pole hire, photo shoots and Pleaser shoes. Ruby’s dream was to one day become a dancer and now she is a professional pole dancer and living the dream!

Her titles include:

Miss Pole Dance Western Australia – 1st Runner Up 2015

Miss Pole Dance Western Australia – 1st Runner Up 2014


Natty Stephens

Natty is a shortie from Melbourne who dances for the love of it. Having recently competed in her first International comp, Natty is super excited to be back on the Enmore stage, kickin’ it old skool. 



Ryder has been pole dancing for 6 years and is currently a teacher at Bobbi’s Pole Studio Sydney!



Maddie Sparkle is the co-owner of Pole Dance Academy& loves everything flexy! She can’t wait to show you all her new tricks, so make sure you don’t miss her sexy flexy show!!



Michelle Shimmy is a Sydney-based pole dancer and pole instructor. Along with her sister Maddie Sparkle, Shimmy is a co-owner ofPole Dance Academy in Bondi Junction, Redfern and Crows Nest.

Shimmy is passionate about teaching pole. She loves to guide and see the improvement in her students from week to week. For Shimmy, the true magic of pole dance is the transformative effect it has on people, in the way that it increases confidence and body awareness.

Shimmy is crazy about pole dancing, handstands, her dog and cat, and animals in general. Shimmy is constantly astounded at how many of the answers to life’s questions she has found wrapped around a pole. Shimmy hopes to be pole dancing for as long as she lives, and possibly even longer



Jedda was crowned Miss Pole Dance Australia in 2014 and has a passion for pole dancing and sharing her knowledge of it; she currently teaches at Bobbi’s Pole Studio Sydney and Haus of Pole. 



Carlie is a pole dancer/ actor/ performer/ studio owner and choreographer!

Pole dancing and acting is her passion and she tries to create shows that are both new and interesting. ENTERTAINMENT is the most important part of her shows whether you are laughing, holding your seat or crying - she wants people to feel SOMETHING! 


Bailey Day

Bio coming soon!


Lou Landers

Lou has been dancing for over 26 years in various different dance styles, but it’s been since 2006 when she found her love for pole dancing. From starting as a very beginner Lou now teaching, competes, performs and judges all over the world.

Lou has a passion for dance that she wishes to pass on as many people as possible. Her personality shows through in her classes and up on stage, her style is unique and versatile.  She dedicated every day of her life to Pole & running her own business

Past Winners

2015 - Miss Filly (VIC)
2014 - Cleo the Hurricane (VIC) & Jedda J Jordan (NSW)
2013 - Porsche (NSW)
2012 - Cleo (NSW)
2011 - Felix Cane (WA)
2010 - Allegra ( WA)
2008/9 - Felix Cane (WA)
2007 - Candice Leigh (NSW)
2006 - Felix Cane (WA)
2005 - Jamilla Deville (NSW)

Win heaps of great prizes

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