Past Winners

2016 - Carlie Hunter (SA)
2015 - Miss Filly (VIC)
2014 - Cleo the Hurricane (VIC) & Jedda J Jordan (NSW)
2013 - Porsche (NSW)
2012 - Cleo (NSW)
2011 - Felix Cane (WA)
2010 - Allegra ( WA)
2008/9 - Felix Cane (WA)
2007 - Candice Leigh (NSW)
2006 - Felix Cane (WA)
2005 - Jamilla Deville (NSW)

Win heaps of great prizes

Miss Pole Dance Australia wins the crown, the title and a host of prizes from our generous sponsors: Rarr Design, Peacock Polewear, Juicee Peach, The Pussycat Pole, North Pole Shoppe, Girlie Griip, Pole Fitness World, Active Creatures, Bling it Heels, Dry Hands, Peach Pole Studio, Vertica, Woolemi Cabins, High Heels, Pole Ugg, Burly Q Bags, Chocolate Artisan & Quest. 

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