Held at the Factory Theatre - 6th June 2021

Mr Pole Dance is the original, mens' only pole dancing championships competition in the world.

Unlike any other pole dancing competition, Mr Pole Dance will surprise you and leave you inspired and awed at the sheer talent we see from all across the globe.

Our 2020 show was a huge success! Our current reigning champion is Ryota, who won with an absolutely stunning, strong, and graceful routine. 

We welcome competitors over the age of 18, and from anywhere in the world to submit an application in the hope to become a Mr Pole Dance Finalist. Due to COVID 19, it is highly likely that most (if not all) competitors will have to already be in Australia, but we still welcome applications from around the world!

The next event will be held at the Factory Theatre on the 6th of June and is not to be missed! Our last even sold out, so keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram pages for ticket releases. 

Mr Pole 2020 Results:

1st Place: Ryota
2nd Place: Blue Phoenix
3rd Place: Onyx
Chilli's Showboy Choice: Gaybie

Proudly hosted and sponsored by Bobbi's Pole Studio Sydney

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