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Mr Pole Dance is the original, mens' only pole dancing championships competition in the world. Our first competition was held in 2013, and is now one of our fastest shows to sell out!

Unlike any other pole dancing competition, Mr Pole Dance will surprise you and leave you inspired and awed at the sheer talent we see from all across the globe. 

Our 2022 sold out show was a huge success! Congratulations to our our new Mr Pole Dance: Blue Phoenix! His show was absolutely mesmerising to watch. It will truly go down in Mr Pole Dance history. 

All of the competitors were just incredible, and we can't wait to do it all again next year.

The next Mr Pole Dance will be held on the 4th of June 2023 at The Factory Theatre in Sydney, Australia.

The 2022 Mr Pole Dance Download will be available shortly!

Mr Pole 2022 Results 

1st Place: Blue Phoenix
2nd Place: Mucci
3rd Place:  Charlie Love

1st Place: Benjamin Butterfly
2nd Place: Laulipop
3rd Place: Eris

MrPoleDance2022_Webonly (1).jpg

Mr Pole 2021 Results:

1st Place: Jacob Harrison
2nd Place: Blue Phoenix
3rd Place: Brady Stevens
Chilli's Showboy Choice: The Prince

1st Place: Jesse Tyson
2nd Place: Alex Archer
3rd Place: Laulipop

mr pole 2021 group 1.jpg