Rules and Regulations for Mr Pole Dance


  1. Definitions

    1. “Organiser” refers to the owners of Mr Pole Dance competition and the national finals organiser – Vanessa Brecht from Bobbi’s Pole Studio, Sydney;

    2. “Performer” is the name recorded on Application Form 

    3. “Competition” refers to Mr Pole Dance national finals to be held in Sydney 

    4. “Document” refers to this entire document.

  2. Initial Selection Criteria

    1. The Performer must be male;

    2. The Performer must be at least 18 years of age;

  3. The Performer may only submit application if:​

    1. The registration form must be completed in full accordance with these rules. 

    2. A recent photo of the Performer must accompany the application. All photos are to be in electronic format, the Performer must include at at least one of the Performer in a pole move. Maximum 6 photos in total.

    3. The photos provided must have no copyright attached to them and the Organiser reserves the right to publish said photos for the purposes of promoting the Competition.

  4. Stipulations on Film & Photography

    1. All photography and other footage remain the property of the Organiser. The Performer has no rights to compensation for photography and other footage made before, during and after the Competition;

    2. The Performer explicitly and irrevocably agrees that all footage and photography can be used by the Organiser for promotional, advertising and commercial purposes;

    3. No photographs or footage are to be taken (by any person or group) during the Competition can be used by the Performer without express written permission from the Organiser.




  1. Performance

    1. The Performer is skilled in pole dancing;

    2. The Performer may choose the music for his show;

    3. A pole dance show is no longer than 4 minutes;

    4. The title of “Mr Pole Dance (YEAR)” is valid for one year from the date of the Competition;

    5. The Performer may join the audience before and after their show but not converse with the judges during any part of the evening;

    6. The Performer may not perform nude or partially nude. It is permitted to remove articles of clothing / costume;

    7. The poles will be brass, 38mm. One will be static (stage right) and one will be spinning (stage left).

      Judging Criteria

    8. The Performer will be judged on: pole work (15 points), dance (10 points) and presentation (5 points); in the event of a tie the judges will make a decision

    9. Any failure to abide by the above rules will result in immediate disqualification.

  2. Presentation / Costume

    1. Bare feet or other footwear including boots is allowed;

    2. You may use props but need to get them approved by the organiser and the venue in advance.

  3. Competition

    1. The Competition performers must be available for a photo shoots and interviews prior to the Competition if requested;

    2. The Organiser expects the prized winners to co-operate with the promotion of the Competition and activities. This may include pre, during and post Competition media interviews and photographs;

    3. Dressing rooms are for competitors and staff only – they are off limits to family members or friends of the Performers.

    4. Performers are not permitted to drink alcohol (or take drugs) before or during the night of the Competition.

  4.  “Mr Pole Dance (YEAR)” Title

    1. The title “Mr Pole Dance” is an official title valid for one year commencing the date of the Competition;

    2. As “Mr Pole Dance” the winner is an ambassador of pole dancing;

    3. As “Mr Pole Dance” the Performer is required to take on several promotional activities. This occurs in consultation with the Organisers and may be financially remunerated;

    4. The Organiser reserves the right to retract the title if the Performer causes any damages to the Competition;

    5. In the case of retraction, the runner up becomes the new Mr Pole Dance.


  1. The Organiser

    1. The Organiser is not liable for injury or damage resulting from participation in the Competition, which includes any transportation to and from the Competition;

    2. The Organiser reserves the right to change the rules contained herein;

    3. All decisions not addressed in this document will be made by the Organiser;

    4. Any decision by the Organiser is binding.

Judging Criteria


Pole Moves 

5 points for technique/execution, 
5 points for difficulty of tricks 
5 points for originality


15 points total




Floor work, transitions, musicality and use of stage 

10 points 


Costume, costume matching theme, overall

presentation, theme, use of props and use and removal of costume


5 points 


Judges will look at the performers ‘x-factor’. Did the performer have

captivating stage presence? Did they perform a ‘show’ from start to finish?

5 points 


35 points