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Miss Pole Dance Australia started at a tiny venue (Bourbon and Beefsteak) in Kings Cross and it was AMAZING, with pole dancing only a few years old in Australia, the talent was truly incredible.

Victoria, QLD, WA, NSW and SA all hold their state heats and send their winner to the final. A judging panel watches the video footage from each heat and chooses the rest of the finalists: "the best of the rest".

Miss Pole Dance Australia is about the SHOWGIRL style of pole dancing, the razzle dazzle and sexy side. The opening number sets the scene each year with a stage full of talent and all choreographed by Chilli Rox - it's ALWAYS amazing.

Our current title holders are:

2020 Winner - Mischka

1st Runner Up - Natty

2nd Runner Up - Miss Filly

The next Miss Pole Dance Australia will be held at the Enmore Theatre on 6 November 2022

Second Runner up - Miss Filly

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